Duk Lee


Nature vs Nuture #

"Blueprint" by Robert Plomin is an interesting book for some, but not for me. It's silly to think that DNA has nothing to do with your intelligence or your personality. Maybe this is a hard pill to swallow for Growth Mindset folks; a lot of things are predetermined at your birth and there is little you can do about it.

For me, that is liberating. You can stop blaming yourself for a lot of things now. The best thing you've done for you kid is in your DNS, not your parenting skills. So we can relax and focus on feeding them, clothing them and putting roof over their heads. And try to provide them a stable home.

"Growth mindset" creates a hostile society. If you fail at something, it's on you. What if we have a society where it's okay to be stupid and stupid people can still make a decent wage and have a decent life? Rather than artifically trying to put dumb folks into colleges we should create a society where it's okay for not so smart folks not to go to college.

We always try to fix wrong things. We can keep changing academic curriculum (e.g. common core), but that will not help; that's not where problem is. When we accept that "nature" has a lot to do with how we are, we can have more empatic society.