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· One min read
Duk Lee

ChatGPT is a huge leap in AI field and it will get better and better really quickly. So I decided to learn a bit about machine learning, then quickly found out that I will not be able to truly grok it until I grok the math behind it. And the math that machine learning requires good math foundation. And I do not have good Math foundation.

So I decided to study Math again using Khan Academy starting from high school algebra. Now I am a firm believer that this AI advancement will be a life-changing experience for everyone and I need to adapt pretty quickly. There will be money to be had and I don't want to miss the boat.

· 2 min read
Duk Lee

Everything starts with the mutual respect for each other. Not just between two people, but even between a man and a machine.

When you approach everything with this attitude, you finally see things clearly. Every single thing in this world is bound by external limitations and internal limitations. At work, some people always complain their laptops are slow. When my question to that is "have you tried rebooting?", they get disappointed as if there could be some sort of magic to make the problem go away. There aren't that many magic in the world. Every computer is constrained by its cpu, memory and disk. If you laptop has 8 gig of memory, maybe it's not a good idea to open 20 apps and 100 excel sheets. Again, mutual repect for your machin's limitations. And what's the point of have 100 windows open? Leave your illogial "cuz I like it that way" preference for a bit, then think about your brain's limitations. Can your brain simultaneously handle all the information that are present in the 100 windows that are open?

Alwasy please within the rules when you work with a machine. There is no gain pushing its limit. The faster you get this concept, the better your relatonship with your machine will be.